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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Internal Medicine, Department Of Pharmacology
Research Areas: Medicine, Health Sciences, Internal Medicine Sciences, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Names in Publications: Sadi OZDEM




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Dr. Özdem was graduated from Hacettepe University, Medical Faculty. After one year of experience in general surgery department as a research assistant in Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, he completed his specialty in medicine in Akdeniz University, Medical Faculty, Department of Medical Pharmacology. He currently works in the same department as a professor of medical pharmacology. Dr. Özdem has focused on experimental diabetes mellitus and hypertension in his academic experimental research and coordinated several courses supported by Turkish Council of Scientific and Technical Research aimed at preparing research projects in health sciences. Apart from experimental work, Dr. Ozdem has also taken part as an investigator in more than fifteen multinational phase 3 clinical trials conducted in diabetic patients between the years 2009 and 2018. He has served both as a lecturer and as a consultant on the subjects of the roles and the responsibilities of the investigators in clinical trials and the safety reporting by investigators in clinical trials, in several basic educational courses on clinical trials and good clinical practise, organized by university-drug industry co-operation and approved by Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency. He is especially interested in preclinical and clinical studies and evaluation of biotechnological medicinal products, particularly of biosimilars. He has participated in educational activities and workshops on biological medical products and biosimilars organized by Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency and Turkish Academy of Sciences. He is a co-author of a recent book on biosimilars published in 2017. Dr. Ozdem also serves as a quality expert for Turkish Standarts Institute and as an evaluator for the Quality Commission of Higher Education Institution.


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