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After graduating from the School of Veterinary Medicine, Selcuk University, Turkiye, Salih Sanlioglu VMD, Ph.D. attended the Ohio State University College of Medicine, where he obtained his Master’s (1992) and Ph.D. (1996) degrees in the field of Molecular Genetics. Following the completion of his postdoctoral training at the Human Gene Therapy Institute of University of Pennsylvania (1997) and the internal medicine research fellowship at the Gene Therapy Center of University of Iowa (2002), He has joined the medical faculty of Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkiye, and subsequently established the first human gene and cell therapy facility in the country ( His initial studies regarding gene therapy mainly concerned understanding the mechanism of Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) gene delivery into cells, which was subsequently published both on the covers of the Journal of Virology and Virology Journal. Later, he successfully employed adenoviruses to deliver genes encoding death ligands (TRAIL) for the treatment of cancer, which was interest in journals like Cancer Gene Therapy and Human Gene Therapy, etc.  As a proof of concept, adenovirus vectors were also successfully used to reprogram pancreatic islets to be used in cell therapy studies in Type 1 diabetes. Because diabetes is one of the most prevalent and deathliest diseases amenable to gene therapy, he picked 3rd generation of lentiviral vectors to deliver antidiabetic genes to obese and diabetic subjects due to its ability to provide long term gene expression without causing detrimental effects. Gene therapy studies targeting diabetes were published both on the covers of Human Gene Therapy and Nature Gene Therapy Journal. His latest research interest also included viral-mediated therapeutic gene delivery to the diseased eye to prevent retinal degeneration. Gene editing technology involving Crispr/Cas9 has also been deployed to correct disease-causing mutations. Dr. Sanlioglu currently serves as the director of the Center for Gene and Cell Therapy, as well as the head of the newly established Department of Gene and Cell Therapy at Akdeniz University.

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