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She joined the photography organizations of the Turkish-American Association in Izmir between 1977-1981. She was rather taking black and white photos of nature and photos with “protect the nature” ideas in environmentalist attitude, mainly affected by her university education. She graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Sciences, and Department of Botanic. She worked as an instructor in American Girls Senior High School and in Vocational High School of Journalism and Press of Ege University between 1992-1986, in Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts between 1986-1994 and in Atatürk University, Faculty of Fine Arts between 1995- 2005. She is currently working in Akdeniz University, in the Faculty of Fine Arts, since 2006 as administrator and instructor. During her academician life she did not only produce photography but also contributed in the institutional development of photography in her country. She received the “Certificate of Suitability in Arts” in 1986.  She started to take still-life photos as she started to teach. In 1986, in a national photography competition organized by IFSAK, her photo called “Red Umbrella” was chosen as “The Most Successful Photograph” in still-life category.  At later stages of her life, she concentrated on human beings, living in their own environments, trying to analyze the century and the social environment she lives in. One of her such photos called “The Pitchman” won a gold medallion in IFSAK International Photography Competition in 1991. The artist and academician Nafia Hanyaloğlu, won many other awards. She also took part in many photography projects dia-shows, personal exhibitions, mixed exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, panels, selection committees as jury and acted as photograph consultant. Additionally she presented many bulletins and directed certain panels.  Her photos as well as her articles on art of photography and its theory are published in many newspapers and magazines.

Personal Exhibitions:

1) 1987, German Cultural Center, Izmir.

2) 1991, Exhibition Hall of Tömer, Izmir.

3) 1992, 1. Side Festival of Photography, Side, Antalya.

4) 1994, 2. Side Festival of Photography, Side, Antalya.

5) 1994, Exhibition Hall of Hotel Sheraton, Antalya.

6) 1995, Ankara 100. Yıl Exhibition Hall,  Ankara.

7) 1995, Vizör Photography Club, Erzurum.

8) 1995, Atatürk Cultural Center, Nicosia, TRNC -Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

9) 1996, Istanbul House of Photography, Istanbul.

10) 1996, 1. Antalya Photography Days, Antalya.

11) 1996, 2. Trabzon Photography Days, Trabzon.

12) 2005, Near East University, 4th International Photography Days, Nicosia, TRNC -Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


1) 1986, İFSAK “The Most Successful Photograph” in still-life category 

2) 1986, İSÜF Photography Competition “Euro color Special Award”

3) 1986, 1. Abdi Sokullu Photography Competition Honorable Mention.

4) 1991, 100. Yıl Association Photography Competition, 2nd Place

5) 1991, Eta Computer Photography Competition with the theme “The Streets”, Honorable Mention

6) 1991, 1. IFSAK International Photography Competition, Gold medallion  

7) 1992, BMS Photography Competition Praiseworthy Award.


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