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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Fine Arts, Department Of Cinema-Tv, Cinema-Tv Art Major
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Art, Fine Arts







Mumin Baris is born in Kircaali/Bulgaria. Due to political reasons he and his family had to immigrate to Istanbul while he was 7 years old. He lived in Istanbul for 17 years, studied environmental engineering in Istanbul Technical University. Then he got accepted to the film school FAMU in Prague. After studying film directing there, he studied MA Film Studies in King’s College London. Baris established Layla Film in 2012 in Germany and the company is still active producing films. Currently, he's studying in Filmuniversitat Babelsberg Konrad Wolf as a PhD student in "artistic-theoretical" film studies, while working as a lecturer at Akdeniz University, Turkey

His previous 20’ min long short film “The Blue Identity” (2012) was screened in more than 20 festivals in Brazil, Hong Kong and Greece. His feature length documentary “The Children of Rafet” (2016) has also competed in Istanbul Film Festival in Turkey and Boston Turkish Film Festival and awarded with special mention in Boston. Achterbahn (2018), a short documentary he directed was screened in Open Eyes- Marburg Film Festival. Later at 2019, he directed a feature length documentary Kosmonovski, which got the best Music prize in Nisville Film Festival. The feature length documentary,  23 Cents Soldier which he shot in Korea during his visit in art-residency funded by K-Arts, premiered during the 59. Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival.


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