The Conflict Management Strategies Of School Administrators While Conflicting With Their Supervisors

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European Journal of Education Studies, vol.3, no.8, pp.1-20, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Conflict is everywhere as there are conflicts at educational organizations. One of the
most affected groups from conflicts is administrators who are bridges between teachers
and parents, supervisors. The aims of this study are to determine which strategies the
school administrators use and how often they use these strategies and whether their
strategies change according to their genders, educational situations and managerial
status. 370 school administrators participated in this study and they were applied
Organizational Conflict Management Instrument developed by Putnam and Wilson.
Lisrel 9.0 and SPSS 20.0 programs were used during analysis. As a result,
compromising strategy is the most used one while dominating is the less used strategy
by school administrators while they were conflicting with their supervisors. Although
the frequency of avoiding and dominating strategies differ according to their genders
significantly, there aren’t any significant differences among administrators in terms of
their educational situations. Their reasons for conflict management strategies can be
examined through qualitative research method.
Keywords: school administrators, supervisors, conflict, conflict management strategies