Is Happy Ageing Possible? Determinants of Happy Ageing in Turkey.

ARUN Ö., Çakıroğlu A.

GeroBilim, Journal on Social and Psychological Gerontology, vol.1, pp.49-69, 2009 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Notion of happiness as a subjective indicator is an indispensable aspect of quality of life 
research. Thus, the studies dealing with happiness increase in recent years. Happiness, 
which has been analyzed with respect to many domains such as demographic, social and 
economic variables, was started to discuss and research in Turkey, too. In the many research dealing with the relationship between age as a demographic variable  and happiness, have been stated that young people are happier than older ones (Argyle, 1994:95; Böhnke, 2005:33; Phillips, 2006:23; Yetim, 2001:152). In this study, it will be looked for that whether the result is acceptable in Turkey and also possible components will be tried to determine to realize the phenomena of "happy aging".In this study, the effects of objective and subjective indicators on happiness of elders will be tried to research. In brief, the question "which social policies should be suggested for happiness of elders (happy aging) in Turkey" has been tried to answer.
Key words: aging, happiness, Turkey