The Topology And Evaluation Of The International Complex Network Of Communication Devices Within The Context Of Integrated Marketing Before And After The Covid-19

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Batu N. M., Özekicioğlu H., Topuz H.

Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers JETT,, vol.2, pp.18-24, 2023 (ESCI)


Communication is now an indispensable part of both human and commercial relations. Accordingly, 
communication needs are to be satisfied using a number of essential electronic communication 
products, the most prominent of which are smartphones, modems, base stations, antennas, and other 
relevant accessories/apparatuses. In the integrated marketing communication approach, it has then 
become mandatory to manage complex networks interconnected by communication tools (people, 
businesses, countries, etc.) and the changes in such networks (structural changes in the distribution 
channels) in the context of the supply chain. Besides, it is highly needed to constantly monitor the 
changes and adopt change-oriented attitudes to prevent disruptions in the supply chain during the 
COVID-19 pandemic and in the future. The present study selected the G-20 countries, bearing the 
majority of world exports, and attempted to draw an export network of communication devices and 
related parts, classified in foreign trade with the code HS-8517, before and after the pandemic in these 
countries. The findings revealed that China and the USA were the strongest countries in the network 
in the pre-pandemic period and maintained their dominance in the network in the post-pandemic 
period. Although it seems there was an increased change in the complex structure of the network 
considering the export figures in the post-pandemic period, the change was found to be almost 
overlapping when considering pre- and post-pandemic periods together.