Spinal geçici iskemik atak: Radiküler ağrılı geçici zaafın nadir ve tedavi edilebilir bir nedeni Spinal transient ischemic attack: Rare and treatable cause of transient weakness with radicular pain


Agri : Agri (Algoloji) Dernegi'nin Yayin organidir = The journal of the Turkish Society of Algology, vol.34, no.2, pp.139-144, 2022 (Scopus) identifier identifier


Transient ischemic attack (TIA) of spinal cord (SC) is very rare and characterized by sudden onset of paralysis, sensory loss, back pain. We present a patient with acute painful paraplegia and symptoms resolved within a few hours. We identified 10 patients in literature search. Five of them were male, the mean age of patients was 53.8. Paraparesis/pleji was present in all. Only two patients did not have radicular pain. Vascular risk factors were hypertension in five patients, smoking in five and diabetes mel-litus in one. TIA period ranged from 1 min to 24 h. The most common etiology was aortic dissection (n=6). Four patients had aortic thrombosis. Six patients were treated with medical and surgical methods; other four were treated with only medically. SC ischemia and aortic diseases should be kept in mind in short term/persistent acute spinal syndromes with pain.