Evaluation of Irrigation Canal Maintenance According to Roughness and Active Canal Capacity Values

Karataş B. S.

JOURNAL OF IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE ENGINEERING, vol.134, no.1, pp.60-66, 2008 (SCI-Expanded)


This work assesses the state of maintenance of the concrete-lined trapezoidal canals of the Menemen irrigation system at the

end of the Lower Gediz Basin according to the values of roughness n and active canal capacity ACC. The study was carried out on

two main canals, five secondary canals, and 12 tertiary canals at 45 measurement points. Average values of n and ACC were found to be

0.023 and 69%, respectively, for the main canals, 0.018 and 93%, respectively, for the secondary canals, and 0.023 and 81%, respectively,

for the tertiary canals. The fact that values of n for the selected canals were higher than projected values and higher than the limit values,

which would indicate adequate maintenance, and that the related ACC values were low, indicates that maintenance is insufficient in these

canals. In order for maintenance work to be carried out more effectively, it may be suggested that new techniques should be applied for

canal linings, which are economical and longer lasting, that farmers who benefit from the system should be given a more active role in

maintenance work, and most importantly, that the associations responsible for maintenance should be supported financially in these