• Dear Colleagues,

    Sustainability is a concept we use today when we are looking for solutions to every problem in every field, in relation to the ecosystem and the earth. Agriculture and food production is one of the high-input energy-using industries that ultimately generates output energy for survival. The pollution and consumption-based lifestyle that emerged with industrialization is threatening the ecosystem today. As resources are scarce, the earth's carrying capacity is limited. Therefore, in order to become a developed economy, the ecosystem was polluted by mass production. Today, it is clear that the world was polluted for technology, and it can be saved with technology. This research group focuses on scientific studies to ensure sustainable development. Science and technology can save the world with the ideal of devotion to humanity.


    Orhan OzcatalbasIsmet Boz, Muhammad ImranShamsheer ul Haq

  • Keywords: Sustainable rural development, rural life, energy use and policy in rural, circular and green economy, rural family, household, family farming, ICT using and development, reneawable energy, energy policies, rural economy, well being,..