Germany-Centered Mergers and Cartels in European Travel Industry, Their Influence on Turkey and Antalya

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TOURISMOS: An International Multidisciplinary Refereed Journal of Tourism, vol.3, no.2, pp.91-101, 2008 (Scopus)


Mergers in travel industry which are extremely important in Europe and especially Germany, gained speed and these mergers give rise to cartelization. Mergers in travel industry are seen mostly in German and English establishments. These merger companies have both began to dominate the travel industry and have also become great powers with their giant revenues. The fact that these developments in travel industry are Germany-centered makes the subject more important since Germany is one of Turkey's greatest tourist coming countries. That these cartelized structures have partners in Antalya region is vital both for Antalya and Turkey. This paper is a preliminary work aiming to highlight the importance of the subject. The fact that the subject's being relatively new and lack of academic work on the subject, as well as rapid changes in mergers  makes it difficult to pursue a detailed study on the subject.