Recreation Opportunity Spectrum: A Bibliometric Research

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Akdeniz University, Faculty of Tourism, Department of Recreation Management, Turkey

Approval Date: 2022

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Sabri BOZCA

Supervisor: Yusuf Yılmaz


It is getting even important to determine the recreational area need, plan, use, protect and determine the sustainability conditions. Recreation Opportunity Spectrum, which is a tool in the planning of recreation areas, appeared in the USA in the late 1970's and has a place in many countries itself. The purpose of the study is contribute to the scientific field by revealing to determine the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum, which is widely used in developed countries where scientific studies are concentrated, with the bibliometric analysis method, main lines, active countries, authors, type of publishings and active institutions. As it is known, bibliometrics offers valuable information to the administrations in the formation of science policies in the field of literature. Even so Recreational Opportunity Spectrum has wide opportunities it has not enough source about method. This limitation, in the countries where enough understanding of recreaiton, importance and awereness is high has become state policy, in the countries where no undertsanding and no awareness. In the research method of data collection As a data collection method in the research, qualitative research methods obtained from secondary publishings, document analysis were used, and criterion sampling method was chosen from purposeful sampling techniques. In the study, bibliometric data based on quantitative data was used and the data obtained explained with descriptive analysis. In the study, all articles in Scopus and WoS (SCI and ESCI indexes) databases were scanned, data purging was applied and repetitive were excluded from the analysis. Research based on the between 1970-2021. The reason to taking "1970" as a starting point is that the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum appeared at that time. It started with exlapining the terms, method was told, information about bibliometrics was given, the analysis process was explained, compability with bibliometics laws and nine questions created in accordance with the hypothesis answers were sought through MS Exel and VOSviewer programs. Conclusion of the data analysis, it has been revealed; articles does not comply with bibliometric laws, English is the dominant language, active institutions are USA universities, active country is the USA, after 2010 articles has increased, the most published publications were about environment, the most affective authors are G.H. Stankey, Paracchini and their friends.