Dijital dönüşümün örgütsel değişim ve iş süreçlerine etkisine ilişkin çoklu durum çalışması

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Akdeniz University, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey

Approval Date: 2022

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Tayfun Yörük


Today, digitalization and technological developments affect all structures within the organization.The information technologies used by organizations in their own structures increase theircompatibility and efficiency with the structure of the organization. Therefore, especially information technologies, organizational structures and business applications are an important researchresource. In this study, the effects of digital transformation processes on business practices, business processes and models and organizational structure are examined. In this context, it is requested todetermine how much digitalization and Industry 4.0 instruments used by enterprises in the digital transformation processes, how adaptation is achieved in the face of this digital change experienced within the organization, and what benefits and obstacles they face. In this way, it is aimed to show a way to businesses that will enter the digital transformation process or are at the beginning of this process. In the study, the general dimensions of digital transformation, digital transformation practices, rganizational change and organizational change in digital transformation are discussed first. Then, data were obtained by taking the opinions of 8 participants from 4 companies operating in Antalya province selected as a sample with a semi-structured interview form prepared sing a qualitative research method with 13 questions related to digital transformation. The selection of the participants was carried out with the employees who have knowledge in the field of digital transformation and who are personally involved in this transformation within the enterprise, and the criterion sampling method was used. The collected data were examined by multiple situation analysis method and it was concluded that Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and Management Information System(MIS) applications are used especially in the use of digital transformation applications of enterprises. On the other hand, it has been concluded that there are differences in the use of other digital transformation instruments by the companies studied according to the sectors they work in. While it is observed that companies engaged in physical production aim to use all Industry 4.0 applications in general; it has been observed that other companies use technologies such as big data, cloud computing ERP systems and MIS systems. Another result achieved from the study is; It is concluded that the adaptation of the employees in the organizational change experienced by the digital transformation process of the enterprises is done with in-organization trainings.